Sutton Foster with drawings

Sutton Foster

Album Design

Project Information

Client – Sutton Foster

Project – Album Design

Role – Team Leader + Designer

Team Members – Johna Walls, Kate Tomczak, Trevor Barnes,
Anna Weddle, Kendra Schemmel


Showcase the new life transition Sutton Foster is experiencing with the adoption of her daughter and creating a work-life balance.


Design an album that fits Sutton Foster’s brand while including new symbolism to reflect the new aspects of her life and music.


An album design featuring flowers, swirls, and stars to symbolize femininity, transitions, and youthfulness to illustrate Sutton’s new life as a working mother.

The Sutton Foster album designs

Featured Articles:
Broadway World

Known for her Tony-award winning work on Broadway and the hit television show Younger, Sutton Foster is an award-winning actress, singer, and dancer. Studio 165+ was responsible for art directing the photoshoot and creating the album artwork and assets for her single album Take Me To The World.

The album focuses on the current transition she is facing in her life with the adoption of her daughter, Emily, and balancing a working life with her new family. The artwork and design were inspired by this stage in her life, including flowers nodding towards femininity, swirls symbolizing transitions, and stars hinting at youthfulness. This album artwork received a 2018 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award and a Silver ADDY in 2019.

Drawing the Sutton Foster album design

Sutton Foster album

Sutton Foster album

Sutton Foster album

Sutton Foster album


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