Queer Chocolatier identity with chocolate pieces

Queer Chocolatier

Identity System

Project Information

Client – Queer Chocolatier

Project – Identity System

Role – Team Leader + Design Lead

Team Members – Miriam Ramirez, Kate Tomczak, Kendra Schemmel
Sylvia Marbach, Alexandria Southern,


Design a bold and sophisticated identity for the most unapologetic chocolatier in Muncie.


Produce an identity that reflects the personalities of the Queer Chocolatier women with an elegant and traditional flare.


An identity design with a twist on the traditional chocolate truffle that subtly creates a monogram of the letters “Q” and “C”.

Queer Chocolatier Logomark made out of chocolate

Queer Chocolatier is an unapologetically indulgent sweet spot located in the heart of the Muncie Village.

This identity design was inspired by the look of a traditional chocolate truffle, an icon of Queer Chocolatier. The integration of the “Q” and “C” subtly hides the truffle while creating a unique monogram. The monogram was expanded into a circular lockup and alternate lockup for versatility and convenience. The new identity design was applied to the existing packaging. This identity system won a Gold ADDY and Best of Show in the ADDY 2019 competition.

Queer Chocolatier lockups

Queer Chocolatier identity on a card in baking ingredients

Queer Chocolatier identity on a card in baking ingredients

Photography by Nikki Abel.


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