Amaya & the Courthouse Mouse

Children’s Book + Resource Guide

Project Information

Client – Pink Leaf Learning

Project – Editorial Design

Role – Designer

Team Member – Sierra Hensley


Construct a guide to explain the lifecycle of a court case for children in a low-stress and empathetic manner.


Produce the resource guide as a short story with colorful illustrations and relatable characters to explain the court procedure process.


A 64-page publication that features a courthouse mouse, Gavel, who explains the court process and reassures the main character, Amaya, throughout the story as well as additional resource materials in the beginning and end of the book.

The Amaya & The Courthouse Mouse book cover design

Amaya & The Courthouse Mouse is a publication funded by the Supreme Court that will provide children a valuable guide to understand the life cycle of a court case for children in the Indiana court system. The book will also be adapted to Spanish with an estimated 10,000 copies to be dispersed to children in the welfare program, attorneys, judges, and CASA members throughout the state of Indiana. The publication includes activities to keep the children engaged as well as resources such as a Glossary of Terms, Youth Court Report, and Foster Youth Bill of Rights.

This project was completed through a partnership with Pink Leaf Learning, the Indiana State Office of GAL/CASA, the Department of Child Services, the Child Welfare Improvement Committee (CWIC), and the Indiana Office of Court Services.

The project was awarded a Graphic Design USA Award in 2019.

Amaya and the Courthouse Mouse spread

Amaya and the Courthouse Mouse spread

Amaya and the Courthouse Mouse spread

Amaya and the Courthouse Mouse spread


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