Jeny’s Tacos

Food Truck Design

Project Information

Client – Jeny’s Tacos

Project – Identity System + Food Truck Design

Role – Designer


Design a food truck for a Mexican restaurant with no identity or branding.


Create an expansive, but affordable, brand system to integrate into the brick and mortar location as well as the mobile food truck.


An identity and branding with a vibrant color palette that plays off the most colorful storefront on Main Street while on the road or in the dining hotspot.

The Jeny's Tacos Food truck right side and rear design


Jeny’s Tacos is a Mexican restaurant in northeast Indiana. When the restaurant opened ten years ago, it restored an old, run-down building and made it into a distinctive dining hotspot.

The current identity was not as representative of the vibrant restaurant as it could be, so I began my design with a fresh identity. The updated identity featured a simple, sans serif font to represent the simplistic approach Jeny’s Tacos takes to food service while referring to the iconic storefront with the texture similar to the bricks from the building and a taco shell. Once I established a new identity, I expanded the design system with iconography that is used throughout the menu, food truck, and packaging. 

Jeny's Tacos food truck front view

Jeny's Tacos food truck back view

Jeny's Tacos food truck side view open

Jeny's Tacos food truck side view closed

Jeny's Tacos food truck menu





Jeny's Tacos' taco packaging

Jeny's Tacos' burrito packaging


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